Travel: the new luxurious axis, from Budapest to Tehran


Budapest – ©INTERPIXELS / Shutterstock

“The road is life”, Jack Kerouac

What links up Budapest to Tehran? A new 5 stars luxury train, inspired by the Orient Express train. Not only, a sum of money, also: between 10 000 and 23 000 euros, to travel 2 weeks on board of the new Golden Eagle – Danube Express and to cross the world between Budapest and Tehran. Some stops before the final persian destination: in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. So many countries, so many dreams and escapes as gives the Hungarian private railways company.

On Thursday October 23rd, the big luxury  train entered in Iran, in the city of Zanjan, and it was the first  historical entrance in the country. Actually, it is completely new that an European company obtains the permission of access the Iranian territory since a long time. The desire of the new iranian moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, to open the country a little more to tourism allowed to offer this dream trip  to 70 passengers who will discover the Iranian cities of arts like Shiraz, city of the famous poet Hafez and Persepolis, Iran most important archeological site from the 6th Century. But also, Yazd, “The persian sun” according to Liberation, (A french newspaper), Isfahan: the palace roses and the so beloved city of Pierre Loti, the french author. And finally, the last stop in Tehran, the capital, offering many beauties and treasures as well.

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Le Tombeau de Hafez, Shiraz



Ispahan, connu comme “nesfe jahan” (La moitié du monde en perse)

So, it’s a real luxurious train cruising experience, offering 2 gastronomic restaurants, noble materials, thoughtfulness and some Tostoï’s inspired sensation of  travel.


Le Golden Eagle


Un des restaurants gastronomique du Danube Express

Certainly, it is a costly dream. But, such a fascinating one! Next departure on Mars 2015.