The offbeat fashion world of Iranian designer Ghazaleh Rezaei


Gisella by Ghazaleh Rezaie

On Instagram, Ghazaleh Rezaie, a young Iranian fashion designer in Tehran is sharing very pop and colorful pictures where tradition meets modernity meets surrealist. The fashion Iranian label is named Gisella and its an inspired world, quiet offbeat and original. We talked to Ghazaleh about her work. Discover our fashion interview, from Tehran to Paris.

Persiennes: When did you start your fashion label in Tehran?

Ghazaleh Rezaie: In September 2008 – I started working as an independent, underground fashion designer with my friend and classmate ‘Nazanin Karimkhaani’ during the third semester under the name “ Gitano “ – meaning gypsy in Spanish – the first collection was a knitwear collection.

Persiennes: What kind of clothes do you create ? 

Ghazaleh Rezaie: My collections are urban and casual designs. I’m more into construction and asymmetry, I kind of  balance my clothes in asymmetric and deconstructive forms. Also i draw my designs. I used to illustrate most of them but I’ve been too lazy recently, even though I find a better connection with my pieces when they are illustrated. It helps me focus on the details and the character, and eventually the final result.

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Gisella by Ghazaleh Rezaie

Persiennes: What are your inspirations? 

Ghazaleh Rezaie: Everything in general and nothing in particular. It could be a notion of a condition i’m dealing with in a specific period, a state of mind, or a movie I’ve recently watched, or even a music. I don’t normally like to have a specific, conscious source of inspiration. To sum it up generally uncommon nonsense -as Lewis Carroll puts it- is my inspiration.

Persiennes : Do you produce in Iran?

Ghazaleh Rezaie: Yes, I have all my pieces made in Tehran, and they are all produced in very limited numbers, sometimes even limited to 1 or 2 pieces only.

Persiennes: How is it these days to be a fashion designer in Iran? Do you receive any special helps or do you have issues sometimes?

Ghazaleh Rezaie: Six years ago there were very few underground and independent fashion designers in Tehran…but the Fashion industry in Iran has grown very fast in the last 2 years. This business is becoming a trend due to the creation and growth of social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Some of them have become “designer” regardless of authenticity and creativity, which I assume, are the main factors for a designer.

The main issue I’m dealing with personally is that I think I might not be able to continue what I’m doing the way I want to, here in Iran. Specially if I want to look at it as my major profession and a source of income and at the same time keep my originality since my concepts and designs are not so acceptable and comprehensible to the majority of Iranians. But on the other hand, all these limitations and boundaries in Iran have been my inspiration in many ways. It’s my dream to influence and change the way people see fashion.




Persiennes: What are the next plans for the brand?

Ghazaleh Rezaie: I’m working on an interesting and very innovative project with 3 talented and creative independent designers. I’m very excited about but i can’t say more for now. Also, i’m doing a  collaborating with one of them on another collection. My future plan is to create a website so I could sell worldwide and expand my business globally !

Thanks Ghazaleh !

Discover her world on Instagram: @ghazalehrezaie.fashionstudio