The charming beauties of Iran by National Geographic

April 2005, Shiraz, Iran --- Nasih Mosque, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran --- Image by © Michele Falzone/JAI/Corbis

April 2005, Shiraz, Iran. Nasih Mosque, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran. Image by © Michele Falzone/JAI/Corbis

We juste read again a beautiful report by the amazing magazine we love: National Geographic, on the hidden charms of Iran. The intensity of each words and the beautiful photos are really taking you far in the Persian thoughts and imaginary.  Avreej Rahiman, the author is originally from India, he’s sharing with us his deep feelings during his trip to Iran and he’s finishing his text with these few words that will make a mark on your mind, as it did on us:

“…But there is one thing I hope that will never alter: The recurrent feeling I got, that I was connected to the tea vendor outside the Shiraz bazaar, a traffic policeman in Tehran, or the stranger who became a friend in Isfahan. We all had a lot in common, even if we spoke different languages. In the poetry of this land I saw what a friend once told me: we’re all mirrors and everyone is merely a reflection of us.”

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Exploring The Hidden Charms Of Iran