Photography: Negar Yaghmaian, The Iran feminine eyes

Exclusive pictures, for Persiennes

Persiennes met Negar Yaghmaian, whom recently received the second place in the competition “Still Life Non- professional” from the International Photography Awards (IPA ), which rewards the work of professional and amateur photographers. A price that has surprised and moved her… This calm and young woman, delicate and devoted to her family and to her friends – she told us when we asked her human qualities – is graduated from the University of Art Tehran.

As a woman, she decided to show other women and the joy in their everyday life, not always easy. The women she approached welcomed her warmly. What she wants to show is a way of life, to dismantle prejudice, restore the truth. She started to work three years ago, interacting with her subjects, in the street. Her passion ? The others. And the truth. Truth of joy, truth of Iranian women’s everyday life, such as millions of women one, across the globe. As a woman, and a very feminine one, she also appears her work and designs on dresses, using digital prints.

Full-time photographer, she will dedicate her next ideas will concern single Iranian girls who experience living alone, which is a growing phenomenon in big cities in Iran. No doubt she will take the same sensitive and caring look to them, as our discussion was !

To look at, a beautiful diaporama dedicated to her work, on, a french media.