Nowruz, the short movie connecting the Persian diaspora from the 70’s



After his short movie Tehran – Geles, the Director Arash Nassiri has imagined a dialogue with the Iranian diaspora of the 70’s in Tehran. The movie, produced by Jonas Film is quiet unique: all the subject is to give voices to these Iranian far away from their country for more than 40 years, and live again with them and through their souvenirs another Iran. An Iran that is not forgotten by them and that is still very pictured in a collective imaginary.

We talked to Elsa Klughertz, the movie producer. It’s an interview from Paris – Tehran and Los Angles between 1970 and 2016:

Persiennes : In a few words, who is Arash Nassiri?

Elsa Klughertz : Arash Nassiri is a visual artist. We met him when he was  looking for a producer for his second art movie – “Nowruz”. I saw his first short movie Tehran-Geles and i thought that it was and elegant movie which had immediately transported me. Arash presented us this new project, exposing its idea to collect the memories from the Iranian diaspora which will be use for the dialogues’ movie, by establishing a “panel” of representative immigrants from Tehran in the 70s. This orchestration of the memories mixing times, fantasies of the Iranian Diaspora to Los Angeles, their history immediately moved me and this proposal seemed obvious to me.

Persiennes: How did you manage to get all the testimonies from these Iranians exiles?

E.K: An Iranian journalist helped us in Persian in Paris and then we’ve been on Skype and talked to Iranian people from all over the world. After we had collected and recorded more than thirty interviews, we made this library of souvenirs: the materials to write again the scenario.


Persiennes: What can you tell us about the movie so far?

E.K: The shooting in Los Angeles was a beautiful experience and we are now working on the post-production. The movie will be projected next September and will be sent to festivals: Made in artificial colors, the inhabitants of Los Angeles will recite memories of Tehran. The past of the Iranian capital city will come to live in the districts of this city, and the memories geographically shifted will send back to another space-time continuum. During these few nights, the inhabitants will be the hosts of the Iranian immigrants’ voices and will gather these spread over souvenirs during the party.


The Facebook page is HERE for more info about Nowruz.