Nofux: The creative Iranian fashion brand to follow

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These days in Iran, many fashion brands are showing up on the market and communicating on the social media. Talented designers, inspired and very inventive are more and more acclaimed by the young massive generation of Iranians. Nofux Label launched in  2014 is one of these young brand.It has a large collection of what we called manteaux in Iran – the long coats for women required to wear in public spaces by the government – Nofux is twisting the traditional and mandatory silhouette  with original shapes, colors and patterns. We had a talk with Afi Torabi, Founder of Nofux. Discover our Designer Interview:

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Persiennes: Hello Afi, tell us more about your brand Nofux please! 

Afi Torabi: Nofux is a fashion label i started last year. As a designer I wanted to create something fun and different and i started off with designing manteaux

Persiennes: Was it difficult to start in Iran?

Afi Torabi: Well i was lucky enough to have supportive people around me that helped out. The only difficult thing was time management, trying to run around in Tehran’s traffic, but i got hold of it!

Persiennes: Do you produce in Iran?

Afi Torabi: yes we do, but we get most of our fabrics from Lebanon, Turkey, Dubai and Italy

Persiennes: Your manteaux and scarfs are really modern. What are your inspirations?

Afi Torabi: I have always been a big fan of fashion since I can remember. I guess it comes from spending all those hours flipping through fashion magazines and watching fashion shows. I always focus on the latest fashion trends, but I do add my own twist to make it unique.

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Persiennes: Do you advertise in Iran and abroad?

Afi Torabi: My only advertising campaign is on social media such as Instagram

Persiennes: Do you sell all around the world ? Do you have a shop ?

Afi Torabi: I do have a few clients overseas. I don’t have a shop yet but that’s definitely one of my goals!

Persiennes : What’s next?

Afi Torabi: I have a Nofux clothing line coming up soon!

Thanks Afi !

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Discover the brand on Instagram : @NOFUXLABEL