News from 2016 : Persiennes Consulting & A forecasting study on femininity, beauty and fashion in Iran


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2016 will hopefully be joyful & inspired with many new ambitions, creative projects between Tehran & Paris. Naturally, Persiennes will still be the webzine you enjoy and you’re more and more to follow (that makes us happy!). It means that we will keep deciphering the “air du temps“, the news in Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Cultures, Arts and Digital world in words and photos between Iran & France.

But we want to do more, and share our experience in trend forecast and consulting in Fashion & Beauty but also in Medias, with brands that want to understand the so specific and big  Iranian market. Our French clients keep asking us about that, brands and companies in Iran are also contacting us requesting advice. It’s been a long time we are thinking about developing a Consulting entity and now, here we are with Persiennes Consulting! A very digital sensitive consulting agency in Trend Forecast, Branding & Communication between Paris & Tehran. For who? All People & Brand in Fashion, Beauty and Medias: the kind of people we know so well.

We can’t wait to present you the new Persiennes Consulting website in the beginning of 2016. You’ll discover our vision, our analysis of Iranian market (and the French one!), our methodology (always inspired!), our clients (great one!), our great and talented contributors & experts and our global or “sur-mesure” digital offer among many other things we keep secret for now.

Just so you know: we believe in creation, in real people, talented one, those who inspire us and we believe in a transversal way of collaboration where ideas, strategy and innovation are key to success. Together. We want Digital Life meeting the Real Life as it is today, specially on an Iranian market where youth is driving the trends and represents more than 60% of the population under the age of 30.

Today, we are happy to present you our last looking-forward study, for fashion & beauty players. Available very soon:FLYER IRAN

If you’d like to learn more about what’s going on in Iran, what are the last trends, and who are the women of the country, please don’t hesitate to write us at:

We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

And, more than ever, stay tuned!


*Cover photo by talented @Zainaelsaid