Music: listening to Man – O – To x Nu. Love. You & Me.

“Blessed is the moment when we sit in the palace
You and I
With two forms and two faces, but one soul
You and me.
The colors of the grove and the voices of birds
confer immortality
As we go into the garden
You and me.
The stars of the sky will look at us ;
We will show them the moon itself
You and me.”

These are the haunting words, Persian and inspired by a poem of Rumi. And the lyrics of this song signed by Nu, a German artist, produced on the compilation “V Get lost”, last year by Crosstown Rebels. A love story and lascivious notes. Both sweet and heady. Such as the emotion that stroke us when we touch a person for the first time, above a first kiss, full of half- unveiled privacy… With a taste of ” maybe should I come back ?”.

To listen … It’s “pretty”.