Music: Googoosh, The Pre Revolutionary Persian Diva


Googoosh by artist Afsoon


Googoosh’s album cover


She is a national monument to Iran. Her love songs, often unfortunate, remind us to the memories of 1979 Iranian Pre-Revolution. Diva,Pop Star, adulated by the Iranian people, Googoosh embodies the Iranian cultural pop heritage. She made sing all the iranian, in particular the generation of our parents for those who are thirty-year old today. She personifies all by herself the pop music in Iran’s 70. She is the perfect “mix of Barbara Streisand and Shirley Temple”, as written by M le magazine du Monde (French magazine) in 2013.

At that time, the young Iranian women spied on each of her going out to see her new haircut and run to the hairdresser to ask the same hairs than Googoosh. That’s to say how much she was a feminine beauty ideal. Because we couldn’t speak about Iran without naming this style and freedom icon, we chose to share some of the Diva’s famous songs, exile today in California, where she keeps singing.