How the Iranian scarf is ruling fashion in Tehran


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The scarf is really becoming a fashion statement. In Iran first, where it is required to wear it in public spaces but also in the West, where you regularly find it in cool girls dressing room, on the runways, on street looks and even, recently, in some brand advertising like H&M.

In Iran, wearing a scarf is the same than wearing your “manteau” – remember we talked about it here – it is a mandatory. In order to respect the current Islamic Laws established since 1979 (When The Islamic Revolution took place), all Iranian women must be modest regarding the law. You could imagine that during 36 years, Iranian women had the time to find a way to twist the scarf and to even make it a fashion accessory. One can noticed the unlimited ability of Iranian women to conciliate religious rules and fashion.

For example, the brand Silk Kafi distributed in Kafistores shop at the Elahieh Mall of Tehran offers luxury scarves like Lacroix, Kenzo, Ferragamo or Louis Vuitton, targeting the edgy clients looking for the last collections of those fashion houses.

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Colors, creative patterns, flowers, fringes, you could imagine everything on a scarf and it  potentially can become a big fashion trend in the streets of Tehran, the Capital. The cohabitation of the traditional “hijab” or even “maghnaeh” (compulsory for any woman working in Iranian public administrations) with scarfs and casual relaxed shawls is rather commonplace. In the streets of Tehran, you will find religious women, who will carry the headscarf in a stricter way, like Parissa, a young women, 31 years old, who lives in Tehran and explains us on Skype (Yes, we have Skype in Iran) that she “prefers wearing a regulatory scarf, first because it’s her belief and also because she doesn’t want to draw attention for nothing”, she also specifies that she got “no problem with other girls wearing a more relaxed colorful scarf”. Mina, 24, only wears the scarf – roussari in Persian – “the less tightened as possible, the more colorful way, the more on the back of the head with some hair out around her face”. Naturally, it’s not about doing whatever you want. The morality police forces, less repressive now under the presidency of Hassan Rohani is still in the streets to remind you to wear your scarf “the right way”. But, as you know now, (since you read us!) restrictions are really not a brake on Iranian creativity and freedom!

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We could even wonder if the hijab is not the new fashion attraction when you saw it at H&M advertising campaign for instance. Last September, the Swedish group captured this new woman target with a strong buying power with this photo:



An interesting first step to the fashion democratization of scarf and an excellent marketing strategy of the brand which understood the growing influence of the Middle-East and Asia Minor

Scarves, Hijab, Shawls… the best is still to go to Iran, in Tehran, to see the one thousand option to wear these accessories, initially religious, playing the fashion game with more and more inspiration.

Here our selection to get a “scarf look”, inspired by a Pinterest board  “Wear your scarf” :

 Cover Photo: Silk_Kafi