How Daniel Mirzapour reinvented the graphic codes of Iran & Western cultures

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Alber Elbaz @danielmirzapour

This week, clearly, our heart is beating for the Iranian born graphic and interior designer: Daniel Mirzapour. His sharp eyes on artistic direction and graphic design is fascinating us. First because it is so rare to meet artists who perfectly balance an Oriental aesthetics (Persian here) and the Western design codes. Daniel Mirzapour signature is exactly this aesthetics mix. He went to l’Ecole Bleue in Paris and graduated in Global Design, collaborating with some French and Iranian fashion and beauty luxury brands. He told us what he likes: “The mix of different cultures, different eras and styles”. He perfectly knows how to play with curves, colors and different atmospheres to make us travel in some other creative and inspiring worlds.

He also does a lot of photo collage, offbeat graphics with fashion and beauty brands, like one of this adaptation for Prada and the Italian market:

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Valentina Pink Femme_Still Life_500x500_RVB rip bd copie 2With humour, he also plays with the iconic fashion personalities, like Karl Lagerfeld here:


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His very colorful artistic world, between pop culture and very ancient civilization is just refershing

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More on Instagram: @danielmirzapour