Food: How to survive a “Mehmooni” in Iran by Munchies (Vice)


Photo Leila Nilipour for Munchies

At first it made us laugh because this guide written by Leila Nilipour for Munchies (Vice) is absolutely hilarious for anyone who knows a little bit about the Persan culture. But then we realized how important and essential was that guide to survive “mehmooni” parties – diner invitations – in Iran. Because it is really about health and surviving we are talking about here. Iranian people love “mehmooni” and love even more serving and serving all over again their guests, kings of the night.

So we strongly recommend to read this article in order to totally integrate the rules of “t’aroof” for instance. T’aroof is a persan cultural practice of “excessive courtesy or hospitality” pushing people to first decline a proposition and accept it after a long insistence.

We’re telling you, this is a real survival kit and it’s here.