Fashion : How Tehran is booming


Models with light veils and strong makeups, runways in luxury hotels – like the one organized by Darab Entertainment on September 6th and 7th 2015, neighboring the Alborz mountains, in Estheghal Hotel – we could imagine being in any capital of the world. But we are in Tehran, The Islamic Republic of Iran, where outfits must comply with the islamic law. However, despite the restrictions, it is a “small revolution” in the industry of fashion, as explains Sharif Razavi, creator of the model agency Behpooshi to the Guardian. Behpooshi is one of the first model agency in the country which means. So how do you organize such a fashion event in Tehran? Mahan Farokhmer, founder of Darab Entertainment, explains us that he has been working on it for over two years with the Iranian fashion’s industry.


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“In one year, we’ve really seen the results of our efforts” he said. The first “fashion show” will occur on 6th and 7th of September with men and women runways (the women one being attended only by them since the girls will be unveiled). Another fashion show will take place in Shiraz on Octobre 4th, 5th and 6th. For the moment, Mahan Farokhmer explains that he is only showing local brands but “more and more propositions from abroad are coming, especially from Italy. We will be able to organize fashion shows with western brands within 6 months”.

If that’s the case, well Iran will become, as lot of people think, the new fashion Eldorado. But the question of the looks is of course at stake. How, the foreign brands will adapt their clothes and silhouettes in order to obtain the authorization delivered by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Orientation, as well as the Iranian Police? Because, you don’t parade the way you want in Iran. Outfits must be respectfully regarding the Islamic law. No short skirts an only veiled women – if the girls walks in a public composed of men and women, and “decency in the whole general allure” explains us a person close to the authorities.

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In the street, the girls got the thing a long time ago as they have twisted the codes from Western fashions and play with it in order to conform it to the authorities taste. From the girl’s wild street style, to the structured and formal fashion offered by the fashion weeks, there’s only a small gap.


And as the world looks at Iran with high ambition since July 14th, and the agreement on pulling out the economical sanctions, fashion becomes a great center of concern as the sector knows an important growth for the last 3 years. Investors and foreign brands are preparing themselves to enter the market, but, don’t forget that in Iran, nothing is always exactly the same as what you see.