Cinema: When Asghar Farhadi celebrates fire and love

“Jealousy is a lit lamp above love.”

Persian proverbs and quotations – 1822

Rouhi is a young woman approaching her wedding day. Mad about her fiancé, love simply symbolizes the innocence and preciousness of giving him her life.
In his 2006-movie Fireworks Wednesday, (Chahar Shanbeh Souri) Asghar Farhadi (A Separation) dissects over the course of one day the gradual breaking up of a married couple through Rouhi’s eyes.

Mojdeh who hires Rouhi as a house-maid suspects her husband Morteza of cheating on her with their neighbour Simin. Rouhi’s single presence quickly turns to be the central point between these three characters; simultaneously finding herself spying on for the jealous wife, being the mistress unintentional accomplice and unexpected support for the husband.
While first moments of the movie exacerbate Mojdeh’s jealousy in violent and dramatic proportions, it instantly contrasts with Rouhi’s candor. Rather delighted to get herself a pretty shaped brow line (“Get the perfect eyebrow shape” article)  for her wedding than sensitive to her boss’s feelings. Within 24 hours and in the sound of firecrackings celebrating Nowruz (Persian New Year) a totally different vision of the loving feeling will come to her. A show in which you never think you can act.

Fireworks Wednesday takes the audience here and there, between the jealousy, intensity and complexity of emotions.

Here’s an extract :

Fireworks Wednesday – Asghar Farhadi – 2006