Persian Celebration: the Fire one, Chaharshanbe Suri

Iran knows the last days of 1394, Persian calendar year, and tonight is the last Tuesday before Nowrooz (Persian New Year), “Chaharshanbe Suri” : the Fire Celebration.

Chaharshanbe Suri  makes Iran shining in joy and happiness. Fires sparkle everywhere in the cities, fireworks are exploding in every squares, every corners. Fire symbolizes hope for the new year coming. Iranian people jump over bonfires saying the traditional phrase “Zardie man az to, Sorkhie to az man” means “I give you my yellow, you give me your red color.” That is to say “I take your good energy, and I let you my bad one”… For a full force year !



That night, we chase evil spirits of the past year, locked in clay jars that explodes on the floor – Kouzeh Shekastan – a knot is formed into a tissue, and someone is being asked to  unravel, with the idea of ​​destroying the bad fortune with a random hand.


Rediscover Asghar Farhadi’s film about “Chaharshanbe Suri”, we were talking about here.

This week will be the occasion for us to immerse you in the heart of the pretty Persian traditions: spring is the best moment to celebrate, right ?

If you are in Paris tonight, there is a celebration at “Centre Culturel Pouya” at 6:30PM, 48 Quai de Jemmapes in Paris 10th.

Nowrooz is coming so soon! Happy preparation to all of you!