The Ultra-modern architecture of Tehran: The Sharifi-Ha House

If there was one country in the world where modernism and tradition are best friends it would defintily be Iran, specially Tehran, the rich and diverse capital city. Many Iranian architects are innovating new great projects. Westerns architects are also very interested

The Persian wedding ans its iconic “Sofreh Aghd”

In Iran, nothing is more important than the marriage – Aroussi- which is a sacred institution, but like, really so sacred. We’ll discuss another time the famous Persian “Khastegari”, which consists in presenting, with the agreement of both families, a man –

3 Pinterest boards on Iran we love in December

Showing Iran through pictures and photos are, to us, the very best way to talk about Iran. Nothing can express the light, the colors, the curves and the poetry of this country better than aesthetics photos. We selected some boards

Discover all the beauties of Iran in 4 minutes 26.

We were so happy when Stanislas Giroux, a French young medical resident shared with us his beautiful video of Iran: “Curves of Iran”. Here are his words, back from his inspiring travel: “I knew i would be surprised to discover Iran,

How the Iranian scarf is ruling fashion in Tehran

The scarf is really becoming a fashion statement. In Iran first, where it is required to wear it in public spaces but also in the West, where you regularly find it in cool girls dressing room, on the runways, on

The succulent Persian recipe of Fessenjan by Ariana Bundy

One of the most delicious Iranian recipe is the Fessenjan or Khoresht Fessenjan composed with walnuts and pomegranate, two of the most iconic products of the Persian cuisine. Fessenjan is a 100% Persian delight, to enjoy with the traditional saffron rice