Spring flavor : the Faloodeh

The Faloodeh is the oldest Iranian dessert since more than 2500 years. With Nowroz, spring and sunny days are coming… And the Faloodeh is the muse of this beautiful weather ! Its rose water is so refreshing, its tangy taste

Food : our beloved pistachio

This is the queen of nuts. Adored for nearly 3,000 years, and cajoled by the Queen of Sheba, it hides in its heart lovely shades of green. France called it in the seventeenth century the almond of Persia. This is all

Is Persian tea the detox recipe after Christmas holidays ?

Detox Detox Detox. Here is a word on everyone’s lips after the holidays. With a motto, hydration. Why not enjoying a persian tea ? Tea is famous for its hydrating and purifying properties. The ” Tchây ” (Persian tea) is a red tea,

The ingredient: caviar & its luminous black pearls

Caspian Sea borders Iran over 650 km. At the heart of its deep and pure waters (purer than those of neighboring countries (more industrialized) live 26 species of sturgeon. Real «golden eggs».  From sturgeon’s eggs with spawning periods up to seven

Video: The culinary guide of Tehran x MUNCHIES by Vice

MUNCHIES, the ultimate food guide by VICE traveled to Iran, with Gelareh Kiazand, documentary director and reporter in Tehran. Culinary trip and iranian delicious delights shown in three episodes, from the Grand Bazaar to the best “Chelo Kabab”‘s restaurants of Tehran. An aesthetic journey of thousand

The ingredient : Saffron. The Iran’s red gold

This is the most expensive spice in the world : “zarferoun” in persian. The one whose unique yellow-orange of its own colours our dishes and honey flavour is slightly tinted of a mechanical note. Derived from the flowering crocus, saffron

Pomegranate: the “no-tox” fruit

[…] “ If all the suns endured by you, O pomegranates yet half-inside, Have caused you in a fit of pride To crack the ruby closures through; “ Paul Valery   Cultivated for centuries, pomegranate – anar – is a

Pierre Hermé : Palace Roses

  When Pierre Hermé reinvents Ispahan, Roses and Flavors… Rose and Litchis delicately mixed to the impertinence of raspberry and to three syllables form Persia. Invented in 1997, It’s the most sold dessert in the world. Two macaroons shells, some