Food: Summer drink is “Abe talebi”

During summer, temperatures get very high in Iran, (74°C in Bandar Mahshahr!) and one of the favorite refreshing drink Persian people loves is the famous “Abe talebi”, literally “melon water”. A delicious recipe, highly hydrating and much more than just a water.

Nowrooz: Iranian New Year and traditional Haft-Seen

Norooz is in 11 days now!  The Persian New Year will welcome 1395 and we are so happy to share this special week with you. Norooz, its great household, its fresh flowers, delicious food, gifts and joy fill of happiness each

Iranian food: The 4 Instagram accounts to follow in December

Persian cuisine, rich, varied and delicious inspires us every single day day. Today we want to share with you 4 of our favorites Instagram’s account where colours, recipes, variations around Iranian food, inspirations for a culinary travel from Paris to

The succulent Persian recipe of Fessenjan by Ariana Bundy

One of the most delicious Iranian recipe is the Fessenjan or Khoresht Fessenjan composed with walnuts and pomegranate, two of the most iconic products of the Persian cuisine. Fessenjan is a 100% Persian delight, to enjoy with the traditional saffron rice

Tah Dig: How to make the perfect Persian recipe?

If you are Iranian, then you know exactly what is Tah Dig – literally: “The bottom of the pot”. And of course, as all good Iranian you love it. Actually, there are no Iranian food with rice (Polo) and without

Food: The perfect Salad Shirazi

In Iran, The Salad Shirazi, originally from Shiraz, at the south of the country is a traditional dish served as an appetizer or a side dish. No matter how, it is a must-be on each Persian table. The recipe is

Food: Perfect summer drink – Sharbat – e – Albaloo

Ariana Bundy is the author of an excellent book: Pomegranates and Roses. All her persian family recipes are in there. The very best of the Persian traditional cooking are presented with great aesthetics photos. All you need to realize delicious persian

The Ingredient : delicious Loomi

The Loomi is the Iranian black lemon. A so strong  citrus taste, so special and so fresh that the famous French glacier Géronimi made ​​it a muse fragrance. A secret ingredient that holds the olfactory world of Persia, which was revealed in