Boteh lifestyle!


At once bohemian and luxe, “boteh gegheh” is popping up all over fabric wallpaper collections for 2017. Though it’s making a splash on the current scene, “boteh gegheh” is certainly no newcomer to interior design. The print has Persian origins but became famous and adopted in the West at the beginning of the 18th century, and appeared again in late 80’s.

Today, the whimsical motif has found its way onto everything from ceramics to curtains to bedding. From Anthropologie’s Paisley Tracings wallpaper in a slew of peppy colors to Marye-Kelley’s fun and funky wastebaskets, we can’t get enough of the lyrical pattern. Legend has it that paisley is a symbol of life and eternity.


Since this ever-popular print isn’t going away anytime soon, we’d say the eternity part rings true.