Beauty: Rose water from Kashan



Every year during May in Kashan (an Iranian city located between Tehran and Isfahan) this is time for The Rose Festival. Many visitors attend the roses picking and the manufacturing of rose water, an iconic cosmetic for Iranian. The smell of the roses when they are blooming spreads to Ghamsar and in the region for the greatest pleasure of the inhabitants and the visitors. The culture of the rose in Iran goes back to 2500 years in the regions of Fars, Kerman and Isfahan.

Rose water is made with a particular species named the” mohammadi rose “. They have the powerful smell of unique flowers in the region of Ghamsar. Here is the process to a great rose water: flowers are picked at first, then the petals are boiled and the extracted water is kept in special bottles. The longest the distillation is, the better will be the quality of the rose water.



The virtues of the rose water for the skin are numerous: it is a powerful anti-inflammatory drug and relieving congestion – excellent to reduce puffiness and dark circles – it also relieves headaches – by applying cottons soaked on temples and forehead – then its vitamin C content protects against free radicals causing skin aging. Rose water blurs away the brown marks, reduce stretch marks and wrinkles. It is also a great tonic to clean the skin and to keep the skin firmer. Iranian women use the rose water since millenniums.

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And if you go to Iran, of course buy it there!